Why Your Beliefs Might Be Holding You Back

Our belief systems are thought about by mainstream pyschologists as one of the core building blocks of conscious thought. If thoughts become things and we bring about what we think about, spending some time on yourself to to see if your beliefs are working for you or against you is likely a worthy investment.

When your beliefs are working for you, it’s an amazing feeling. Words like clarity, understanding, peace and more than anything, certainty have a greater meaning. You wake up each day energized and focused. You live with purpose and feel inspired to take action!

I have said this more than a few times, but I think it is worth repeating here. As I was in the midst of my medical problems dealing with the bleed and infection on my brain, I could tell from the faces, voices and emotions of my friends and loved ones they were Uncertain  about my future. Rightfully so, I keep coming up as the anomaly, even in in my recovery. I have been the improbable statistic, if anything could have gone wrong it almost has in my case. All That said, I never once even considered that I had reached my expiry date. I went to bed with certainty and I awoke with certainty. I placed urgency on my own healing and continue to do so daily with recovery. I hold an unquestionable belief about my current recovery, future health, return to fitness and rebuilding my life.

Sure, I may continue to encounter obstacles, but I have already decided, there is no giving up or going back. I will deal with whatever comes up, if I can’t solve it my way I will find another way. Just a few days ago, I was at the Doctor for what I believe are lingering symptoms from the drug induced Neutropenia I went through. My heart rate is elevated, my resting heart rate used to be low 70’s and now I wake up already revved up at 110. I am like a diesel tractor at the truck stop that never gets shut off. Even when the driver is sleeping in the cab the engine is running.

Before this all happened, this would have terrified me. Now, it is simply another obstacle to overcome. The Echo Cardiogram that I have to go to next week, doesn’t even concern me, I know, with certainty that This too will pass.

When your beliefs are working against you, life starts feeling claustrophobic. I’ve felt this in the past too. Stressful jobs, financial troubles, life has a nasty habit of serving up setbacks that can chip away at your beliefs. When your belief starts to waiver the setbacks come harder and faster. With your belief meter fading from certainty towards the unknown, you start to play self defeating games. If you have addictions, the cravings kick into high gear. You might start overworking to an unhealthy level to take your mind off something. You find yourself in conflict that is uncharacteristic; arguing, criticizing. Check out my article: 23 Self Defeating Games You Might Not Know You Are Playing at PickTheBrain.com. Belief never remains in one place, we are constantly using thought to interpret our results in a way that either builds our belief or destroys it.

The point is when your beliefs are working against you, life becomes hard and frought with challenges that feel insurmountable. Conversly when your beliefs are working for you, the day to day begins to feel effortless, more enjoyable. Things seem to go your way, no matter what. Your outcomes, become positive, regardless of their impact and fuel your belief with certainty.

This is the beginning of a self-fulfilling prophecy described in the Tony Robbins video below. Your belief determines your potential, which determines your actions, which determines your results. Tony Robbins requires no introduction, have a look for yourself as he describes what he has found to be the main reason individuals achieve their dreams while others come up short.


Get Better HeadQuarters | Tony Robbins | Beliefs

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