Walk Away

Walk away from the 97%

Don’t use their vocabulary.

Don’t use their excuses.

Don’t use their method of drift and neglect,

won’t even walk around the block for their health.

Won’t even eat an apple a day.

Won’t even take the time to refine their philosophy for a better life.

Walk away and join the 3%.

Guess how many people can retire from the income of their own personal resources when it comes time to retire.

Answer: 5%

In America, 5% of the people are independent.

95% are dependent.

Take charge of your own retirement, you can multiply it at least by 5.

Let the government take care of it,

some company to take care of it,

you have got to divide by 5.

I am asking you to take charge of your own retirement,

take charge of your own life.

Take charge of your own day!

Don’t have days like most people have.

You will end up broke and poor.

Pennies no treasures,

Trinkets no values,

Change it all…

and it starts as simple as an apple a day.

It starts as simple as the first book of your new library.

It starts as simple as the first journal that you get,

and make the first entry,

that when people see it they will say,

this is the beginning of a study of a serious student.

They are going to be healthy, they are going to be powerful.

They are going to be rich, they are going to have it all.

Look, they have committed themselves to a whole new journey.

I am asking you to do that.

But what is easy to do is what?

It’s easy not to do.

But walk away from the 90%.

Walk away from the 97%, walk away from 95%.

Don’t go where they go.

Don’t do what they do.

Don’t talk like they talk.

Develop you a whole new language.

Be a part of the few.

Guess when I went a got this little book? The Richest Man In Babylon.

Guess when I went and got it?

The same day I heard about it.

I went and got it.

Somebody says, well Mr. Rohn, does that make you different than most everybody else?

and the answer is YES!

and somebody says, well why is that?

We don’t know!

What do we know?

You don’t know, I don’t know, nobody knows…

All we know is some get the spark and say I am going to change my life.

I am going to change my health.

I am going to change my relationship with my family,

I am going to change everything.

and if it starts with an apple,

if it starts with a walk the block,

if it starts with a book,

it it starts with a journal,

Whatever it starts with.

I am a candidate,

I am ready to go and change my life.

I invite you on that journey.

Once you look back on it, you will never turn back.

You will never go back to the old ways

and the old language

and the old neglect.


-Jim Rohn, 1930 – 2009

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