The Past, A Perfect Gift From The Future

the past

The past

The past is a perfect gift from the future.

While you read this blog post, I want you to use a tool that is very useful for seeing things in a new light.

The tool is called, Changing Your Glasses.

By deciding to take a break from your normal vision and how you typically look at things, changing your glasses offers an opportunity to see something that has always been there from a different perspective.


Many of us spend far too much time living in the past.

When we think about the past, we typically see events as either positive or negative.

We think of better days when times were easier, more fun, less stressful and we wish we could go back.the past

We beat ourselves up over decisions that we made, opportunities that we missed, mistakes that we made.

The past has a way of tricking us into recreating negative things that we have experienced before.

The past is also the perfect gift from the future, although I am willing to bet, you likely have never thought about it quite like that.

I know that I never did…

The past, your results, the things that have happened FOR you, offer clear and concise information on exactly what you need to do to begin achieving the perfect results that are waiting for you.

Using your new glasses, take a detached look at your past results.

By detached I mean, look from 30,000 feet. Look at the past as if it isn’t yours, it’s someone else’s results.

Detached, means without feeling or emotion – just be objective and start looking beyond your thoughts or disappointments.

Consider for a moment that all the results that you have ever achieved are the absolute perfect result of the effort and action that you put in.The Past

By accepting each outcome as a perfect result instead of being addicted to a predetermined outcome and then being disappointed when it doesn’t show up, the past becomes a roadmap, more than a roadmap…

the past becomes a treasure map!


Now think about a very specific result, choose an event in your life that gives you feelings of positivity, or an event that produced a great result, something you are proud of that you remember very fondly.

Once you have it fixed in your mind, I want you to use your New Glasses and take a look at the past from a detached point of view.

Consider everything that went into that event that was required to produce the desired result.

Think about the planning, the people, the circumstances and how everything was just right.

Think about the little details that fell into place, maybe acing a test in school, where you were when you met the love of your life, the neighbor who helped changed your flat tire so you didn’t miss the meeting…

Whatever the situation, there was a chain of events that came together to achieve the final result, the perfect culmination of a series of events.

Now, what was one major critical detail that had to fall into place to make it all happen.The Past

Can you think of one thing, one very specific thing, that might have changed everything?

It is these memorable occasions where it almost feels like chaos magically finds order.

When in reality it isn’t chaos at all, or anything that remotely resembles chaos.

It is a perfect order, it is always a perfect order, it will always be a perfect order.

There is no chaos, there is no random, everything happens with precision.

The result achieved, the great event, the beautiful relationship, the college acceptance, whatever it is we want to create is very simply the perfect culmination of all of the inputs that went into that scenario.

And this is exactly how the past becomes the perfect gift from the future.

By detaching ourselves from disappointing results and putting on another set of glasses we get to take a look at everything that went into producing that result.

Accept that the result is perfect, you now have excellent information.

If you like the result that was produced in the past, simply recreate all the details and events, put all the inputs together in exactly the same arrangement in the Now, in the present and you will continue to reproduce those same desirable results in the future.

We can’t change the past and we can’t change the future, we can only change what we do right now…The Past

If the past results aren’t what we desired, we have to recognize they were the perfect culmination of our inputs and efforts and then become willing…

When we don’t recognize this we fall into the trap of doing the same things and getting the same results…

It’s devastating to watch.

Instead start looking at the inputs, sometimes it takes some split testing to figure things out.

What happens when we switch this out for that… will it work?

We have to be willing to say, “If it doesn’t work this way, I will find another way!”

It’s like a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that almost fit, but don’t.

One small piece is in the wrong place and it makes the puzzle impossible to come together to see the bigger picture of what it can be.

Change out one small piece and voila, everything falls into place.The Past

Sometimes we have swap that piece out quite a few times before it starts making sense though…

But that’s what it takes, the willingness to keep changing things up.

When we look at the past events in our lives that have disappointed, let us down or even destroyed us, we need to change our glasses and take a detached look.

When we set emotions and ego aside and accept all of our results as perfect, creating positive change becomes a manageable, step by step process.

Use the past, as a gift to create your perfect future. That is all the past ever is…



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