Personal Development, A Journey Not A Destination

In September of 2009 I set off on a journey of Personal Development. I had spent the first seventeen years of my adult life building a career that I eventually came to hate. By 2005 I had toiled for 15 years with one organization contributing to the very successful growth of two companies, then something strange happened. One day I woke up and physically could not get myself out of bed, I was stressed out, exhausted and physically ill. My Dr. told me I was experiencing stress related burn out, I just couldn’t seem to extract my mind or body from the funk I was in. I was let go from my management position within weeks and with a wife, two kids, a mortgage and lifestyle that I was barely keeping up with, the stress didn’t slow down.

Not realizing that I had been trying to pound a square peg into a round hole, I found similar employment in the same industry and told myself to stop being a wussy and just get back to work and get it done. Within a year and half I was working in a partnership that was failing, as much as my partner wasn’t doing what he said he would, I could feel the stress and exhaustion building to a head again. I miraculously came to the conclusion that I simply was never going to be satisfied doing the work that I was doing.

At this point in 2007, I certainly could have used a Personal Development Intervention but I was more interested in blaming the people and circumstances around me than to consider some serious introspection. I wished someone would have pointed this out, heck I wish someone would have pointed it out when I was 17 or 18 but the reality is I doubt I would have heard the message.

For things to Change, You Have to Change. For Things to Get Better, You Must Get Better. – Jim Rohn

 It seems that people need to reach a point on their own where they realize that what they are doing isn’t working. The sad thing is that it would appear this can take a long time, some unfortunate souls never even realize that changing their lives is an option and they live their entire miserable existence out of touch with what they could become if they simply decided to make some changes.

I struggled for a few years in this barren desert of blame before awakening to the possibility of change.

 Personal development was first introduced to me when I was encouraged to attend a 5 day Choices Seminar. My brother in law who encouraged me to go, told me he knew that I was looking for something and was certain I would find it in this course. He explained how much it had helped him but would not tell me much about it.

Six Points of Power:

  1. Pay Attention
  2. Speak The Truth
  3. Be Responsible for My Experience
  4. Ask For What I want
  5. Keep My Agreements
  6. Strive to Create Value in All Things

After a few days of discussion with my wife, a list of Pros vs. Cons was developed and we concluded that I, in fact, did need some help and that a 5 day INTENSIVE BOOTCAMP might be better than endless hours of therapy.

I spent money I couldn’t really afford and registered for the course with the commitment to give 100% to my self discovery and uncovering my faults that might be holding me back. It turned out to be money well spent, I am not going to tell you that I broke out from the weekend and made  a million bucks in the next six months, or that everything in my life changed instantly overnight, but I did become acutely aware that I could change the direction of my life and with the right resolve,  truly accomplish what ever I decided to focus on.

I became engaged in my own growth and set a path of improvement through reading, learning and applying these lessons to my life. Again, I am not going to mislead you, that’s just not the way I roll – for me, the Truth is Good Enough! A couple years has passed since I attended Choices. My results still don’t reflect the vision of how I see myself but I am living life on my own terms, I have taken off the blinders and keep an open mind. I look for value in even the toughest circumstances and discovered this creates opportunities, I am confident those results are on the way.

I recently took another course, far less expensive yet just as effective, which has helped me to further define my passion. I believe anyone can, and should, turn their passion into a career if they are looking for more meaning in life and  I highly recommend checking out the Live Your Legend course. To get a feel for what it is all about, first check out this Ted Talk by the course instructor, Scott Dinsmore. This really turned everything on for me, it’s like the legendary Jim Rohn said, “Welcome all experiences because you never know which one is going to turn everything on…”

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