How To Teach Your Kids About Real Education

Results Do Not Define Who We Are

This video is powerful, there is an entire generation waking up to the fact that we aren’t all the same and the education that fits one person might be useless to the next.

We won’t all get good grades, get a good job and live happily ever after.

Some of us don’t get school, some of us learn differently, some us will achieve everything that we want from life despite anything written on a transcript.

Education is not a precursor to a happy and fulfilling life, unless you want it to be.

Some of us were created to work with our hands, some of us were created to work outside, some of us were created to lead and some of us were created to do things different from anyone else who has ever walked the earth.

Just because you do life differently does’t make it wrong.

It is our differences that create our rewards.

We were each born an original , don’t die a copy!

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