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100Welcome! I’m Mike Martens

I am a passionate man and my life is about having it all!

My mission here at Get Better HeadQuarters is to inspire people who want more out of life to step into their wealth consciousness and begin achieving their true abundance.


whoWho I am

I am 43 years old, I am a father, husband and family man. By all accounts I am a pretty average guy with a kind of crazy story. I consider myself an entrepreneur but I believe who we are is infinitely greater than simply what we do. I have a question for you; Can you tell me who you are without telling me what you do? 


My Story

I always say the truth is good enough and for me the truth is I have seen lots of ups and downs. I have experienced major health, business and financial setbacks but I have come to believe that every setback contains the seeds of an equal or greater comeback. In 2013 I went from feeling completely destroyed and worthless to experiencing peace and achieving purely magical results. Through sharing my story and experiences, my vision is to help thousands of others overcome challenges and setbacks and begin  experiencing the true abundance created within whateach of us.

Your Wealth Consciousness

My life used to be such a grind. The success that I so desperately wanted was always one step out of reach. I worked so hard but could never get ahead. I was frustrated and felt like I was missing something. If you can relate to how I used to feel on some level, my Wealth Consciousness series is for you! I woke up to my own wealth consciousness through reading, listening and participating. I finally realized that I already had everything that I required to startliving the life I had always dreamed of. What I thought was missing,  had been with me all along. If you need to tap


into you own Wealth Consciousness, I can help, it is my mission in life to see you succeed!

Get Started Today

Wake up to your own wealth consciousness today! My vision is to help you tap into your Wealth Consciousness and start living the great big beautiful abundant life you were designed to live. Get started today! Watch my short story below, join myself and my team and a year from now you will look back and be grateful that you did!