5 Life Hacks To Get Better Results Today

frustrated1. Stop Being Addicted To A Certain Outcome

This is not to say that we should not be results driven.

Getting results and getting the right ones is very important.

But when we become addicted to a predetermined outcome we begin to short circuit our creative mechanism and our ability to achieve those results.

Instead of becoming frustrated when the result of any given activity is not what we had hoped for accept it as a perfect gift from the future.

What do I mean by a perfect gift?

When we don’t get the results we are looking for, it simply means there was an error in thinking or application somewhere in the process.

This does not mean you are wrong and you should get frustrated.

Instead use this knowledge as understanding that you received the perfect result for all of your inputs.

If you desire a different result, simply start changing the inputs.


Here is an example:

Yesterday I sent a survey to one of my lists. My goal was to gather a lot of information in a short period of time. I had never sent a survey before but I know other people that use them with great success.

My email open rates for this list are not typical, the percentage of people that open and engage with my email content is almost staggering but for whatever reason the response rate to this survey was terrible.

I was looking for a pile of information and instead I received a perfect gift from the future.

That gift was the knowledge that I don’t know how to send out a survey.

Not that I have poor content.

Not that surveys are useless.

Simply that I need to look at my invitation, my link and how people make choices to participate in surveys.


By using the result for what it is, Feedback, it gives me the knowledge and ability to do better next time.

Life is rarely about doing everything perfect the first time.

More often it is about just doing something, often anything, that will provoke some type of result.

Once you have a result, you can take it and then improve, get better and figure out what it takes to get what you want.


2. Stop Hiding What Makes You Different


It is your differences that create your rewards in life.

Let me say that again, it is what makes you unique, not similar, that creates your ability to achieve in life.

Don’t get brainwashed into believing that you have to be and do everything like everyone else in order to live a rewarding life.

It is not what makes you similar but your unique gifts and talents that set you apart from the rest of the crowd.

When you follow the crowd, you get what the crowd gets, you get the same results as everyone else gets.

You begin to accept the average.

When you focus on your strengths and specialize on your talents you begin creating your unique and abundant reward that life has waiting for you.

R.A. Dickey struggled as a professional baseball player for most of his career. It wasn’t until he decided to commit to his differences that he truly found his reward in life. He began to specialize in throwing the knuckleball and this commitment to what made him unique forever changed his career. When he stopped doing what everyone else was doing and started to do something unique, his struggling stopped…

3. Stop Doing What Is not Rewarding You


Quit something today.

Your time is the most valuable thing that you have.

When it’s gone, it’s gone, you can’t buy more at the end of the day.

We tend to fill our time with stuff that we have always done, or things that we are expected to do without considering the value that we are creating by doing it.

Always look at what you are getting in return for your time, this is the only way to continue to increase your value.

If you don’t value your time, no one else will. Your family, friends, boss, employees will take advantage of you and load your calendar full of useless, pointless stuff.

You should certainly fill your time with a certain amount of giving, things that you do that you expect nothing in return, but this is very different from letting others load you up.

Your charitable time is highly rewarding and should be seen and focused that way. Give of the things that you choose to give, question everything that is demanded of your time.

You should constantly evaluate the metrics of the activities that you give your time to.

I recently took on a business task, there was some risk as to what the payout would be from the outset.

You have to take risks to increase your value, that is a fact, and this upfront knowledge is acceptable but re-evaluating after some time it became obvious that the return was never going to be at a level I would accept for myself.

Put those things behind you immediately and without further thought.

You will never regret moving in a direction that enables you to invest more of your time in doing the things you love.

4. Stop disappointment from escalating to discouragement.


This is easy and very powerful to do.

It will empower you and those around you at the same time.

When something happens that you aren’t particularly fond of, accept it without conditions or remorse immediately.

By doing this, you will become much more versatile in your own thinking.

A likely side effect is that you will increase your level of influence immediately as your peer group recognizes you as a level headed thinker.

First, use mindfulness to evaluate the feeling causing the disappointment.

Separate yourself from the feeling or emotion.

Simply decide not to identify with your emotions.

Understand that your are not the feeling and that the true you is the thinker behind the feeling.

Look at the situation from 30,000 feet.

By doing so, you remove yourself from the immediate situation.

As soon as you do that, you have the ability to become completely objective.

Recognize the facts for what they are all the while understanding that you don’t have to identify with the facts.

Regardless of the situation, those facts are not who you are.

You are infinitely greater than the outcome of any combination of potential disappointing outcomes.

Accept this without emotion and immediately identify a step that you can take in a positive direction and take it, without hesitation.

5. Stop thinking that you are missing something

All too often we brain wash ourselves into believing we are missing something that is keeping us from achieving what we want.

You have probably heard it said that accomplishing anything is about 90% mental.

I won’t argue numbers but I believe it is more like 100%.

Everything that is required to achieve whatever you want in life already exists in this world.

The same as you learned how to read, write and do arithmetic in elementary school, the ability to do anything is already within you.

Your thoughts just need to be arranged in such a way that you understand it all…

You already know how to water-ski, speak German or fly a plane, you just may not have experienced these things yet.

Do you see that, it is the truth.

While some things are certainly difficult and yes it is true that we each have unique gifts and talents, the raw ability to learn, grow and become more already exists.

It was given to you before you even thought to ask.

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